woorde het vlerke


Woorde Het Vlerke is a unique and personal project. My objective for this project was to trust my own voice, a voice that I have learned to doubt too often. The assets were created through a process of play and experimentation. And the visuals slowly came to life as I learned to listen to the words I have silenced. This project is a celebration of beauty and a choice to hold onto the good.

game design

character animation
after effects

environment design

Many video games on today's market include violent acts or overly sexualised characters.
Although the space for educational games continues to grow, there are very little games that encourage emotional intelligence and none in Afrikaans.
Words have power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble. We often forget how the words we say, and think affect ourselves and others. Would things be better if we were more intentional with the words we speak?
the brief.
The task is to come up with a fresh and exciting game proposal for a 2D platform styled game. The playable game prototype should incorporate the traditional principles of 2D games.
The aim of the game proposal is to showcase the fundamentals of game design, such as sprites, levels, character development, narrative, obstacles and rewards. A promotional video is required to highlight the gameplay and unique elements.
My own objectives for this brief is to create a purpose driven game, that goes beyond mere gaming, but aims to teach an important life skill.
The game is designed for Afrikaans speaking or understanding gamers, especially young children or teenagers. The educational aspect of the game is to teach players which words can hurt us and which words can make us stronger. Woorde het Vlerke is a game of healing. It aims to encourage the player to slow down, to look at the words and to assess their meaning. It is a game that everyone should play, young or old, to be reminded of the power of words. Words can break or build, choose them wisely.
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The project draws its inspiration from an Afrikaans poem by Lize Beekman: Woorde het Vlerke. The game follows a curious girl through a world where words have wings, and these words can build or break your strength. The character needs to find her strength by collecting the good words and dodging the bad words. The aim is to create a purpose driven game that teaches emotional intelligence. By turning the words into rewards and obstacles, the player is encouraged to assess their relationship with words. The elements of the game is designed to resemble vulnerability. The objects and character came to life with hand-stitched outlines, showing threads that are coming apart. The minimal design of the game is to encourage a mindful playing experience.