tranquil. disconnect from your device to reconnect to yourself.


A mindful project that aims to bring sacred spaces home. This project had various different components to it: problem solving, 3D product design, product interface design, UX & UI design and an animated explainer video to end it off. I am extremely passionate about this project and believe that disconnecting from our devices is something that we need to do intentionally. Although this is merely a concept, it would be great to continue to develop this idea and grow mindful digital design.

3D product design
cinema 4D

explainer video
after effects

ux & ui design
invision studio

Technology is growing faster than ever and the pandemic increased the growth in online teaching and working, making it harder and harder to let go of our devices. Users are in a constant state of connection and many people find it quite difficult to unwind, rest or even relax. Rest or relaxation is also often accompanied by a screen or a device of some kind. 2 out of 3 workers worldwide say that they are experiencing burnout. And the average screen time for teens, doubled from 4 to 8 hours per day. This state of constant connection is taking away from conversations, community and real connection. It is important to disconnect from responsibility, create boundaries and take breaks.
the brief.
The main objective of this brief is to identify a problem in our society and come up with an innovative product that aims to solve this problem. The deliverables include a 3D product prototype with a digital interface and an accompanying mobile application that compliments the device. The focus is on user experience, innovative and purpose driven design. How can designers make the world a better place? My objectives is to address the chosen problem and create a seamless user experience with integration between existing devices.
In busy areas, such as cities or suburbia where people are surrounded by the hustle and bustle of life, there is nowhere where users can truly take a break. The evident increase of people moving to the country to seek a slower lifestyle shows this need for sacred spaces. The intended audience therefore include people who are experiencing burnout and are looking for ways to switch off. The product is also ideal for families (especially with young children and teens) who struggle to manage screen time and want to cultivate conscious connections with each other.
In order to combat burnout and create moments of real and re-energising rest, I designed a device to help users be less device-orientated. Tranquil creates a barrier between you and the outside the world, acting as a signal blocker and multi sensory experience that brings sacred spaces home. The technology is purposefully designed to resemble ceramics and fit seamlessly into your home. The tranquil accompanying app allows you to schedule offline time and encourages this by rewarding the user for the times they disconnect. The design is simple, with a user interface that guides the user into their mindful experience.
A digital device to help you be less device oriented.