In 1994 Apartheid was abolished, but the calvinistic Afrikaner mentality with all its rules and regulations still persists today. Johannes Kerkorrel, as part of the 1990's youth movement, defined the alternative Afrikaans music scene in South Africa. He was part of a revolutionary group of musicians that refused to be restrained by the Afrikaans culture. Kerkorrel encouraged a new generation of Afrikaans youth to think and speak for themselves, and create their own future. Despite being a revolutionary figure, there is very little material available about the artist and his work.

short film

davinci resolve

the brief.
20 Years after the death of Ralph Rabie, aka Johannes Kerkorrel, the entire Multi Media class have been tasked to create a short film that commemorates the iconic artist and his legacy. 17 songs were chosen from Johannes Kerkorrel's oeuvre and each member of the class have been assigned a song. The objective of the project is to create a one minute render of the allotted track, that fits into the compiled project as a whole. For the execution of the individual pieces, we have been given free reign to choose any style and medium. The only requirement being that it does the song and the artist justice.
The song Somer is nostalgic in nature. It includes long instrumental breaks and descriptions of the sun rising over the ocean. Many of Kerkorrel's songs satirized the Afrikaner culture and anything linked to the church. And although the song Somer is not a satire, this project draws on this element by incorporating satirizing visuals. This short film creates a scene that shows the artist's ability to bring people together and unite a community. The sadness of Ralph's life is the darkness that took over, leading him to eventually take his own life. The film comments on the Afrikaner culture, using the traditional voortrekker wear to symbolize the outdated mentality. By placing a man in a dress as the focal point of the film, the aim is to let the viewer question their ideas of gender roles, limiting traditions, performative culture, and comfortability with privilege. Has the Afrikaner's inability to see beyond their indoctrinated beliefs created a dystopian culture? It is time to burn the remains of the discriminating culture. And so this film sets fire to symbols of the Calvinistic Afrikanerdom.
Afrikaners can be quite comfortable. It is with this thought that the intended audience includes those who are too comfortable with their thoughts and need to be confronted with some discomfort. This project is also for those who have turned towards the discomfort, those who appreciate the subtle rebellion in Kerkorrel's songs, and those who have been part of the struggle for years. This project is also intended for Ralph Rabie's family and friends. It is a commemoration of his life, his revolutionary work, and his legacy that continues to live on.