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Entering the career world can be daunting. Promoting yourself and your attributes even more so (if you are not a natural sales person). As a creative it is crucial to have a visual identity for your personal brand. This personal brand will act as the introduction to prospective employers and clients. The great challenge is create a brand that communicates something about the creative's personality, style and skill.
the brief.
The brief is to create a 10 second animation for your personal brand. The animation should be based on design elements from your personal brand and logo. The animation should be optimised for instagram, but can also integrate onto other social media platforms.
To promote myself I have decided to take on a minimalist, yet fun style. The logo design incorporates abstract shapes and my initial, J. The logo comes to life with shapes morphing and masking into one another with bright colours, before settling in the logo.
This personal branding is intended for prospective employers, prospective clients, as well as friends and family that are interested in following my creative work. Possible clients and employers should be able to get a glimpse of my style, skill and personality.