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A fun project that challenges the viewer in an interactive way. My objective for this project was to try new style, something that is more than just pretty, but bright and loud. Most of the visuals used in this project, are cutouts from old National Geographic magazines.

web design

web animation
after effects

web building
html, css, java script

Conventional, basic scroller website that does not entice the user to come back again and again. Communicating difficult topics and challenging people to look at their own beliefs is a challenging task. We can often be blinded by our ideas of rights and wrongs, unable to reflect on the experiences or preconceived notions that shape these beliefs. The truth is that our ideas of right and wrong are dependant on context. It can cause a great divide if this is not considered.
the brief.
Experimental web design intentionally disrupts routine flow. The main objective of this brief is to create a web site that experiments with unusual user interface elements. The topic for this experiment is: 404 Not Found. This prompt can be interpreted in any way, as long as the interactions push the conventional flow of web-design. It could also communicate something about an important issue or cause. The deliverables include a website with a minimum of 5 sections. This site should take the user on a journey with a unique user experience. Make use of rich-media components to deliver your message and enhance the journey.
As this is an experimental project, it is difficult to narrow down an intended audience. Ideally the audience include people who believe that they have all the right answers and that there is no other option. The goal would be to challenge these ideas and make the user consider alternative ways of thinking.
The experimental website aims to challenge the ideas of right and wrong with a quiz-like experience. The 404 error is: Correct answer not found. This is to encourage the user to question their own ideas of right and wrong, and maybe even helping them realise that there is no right answer at all. Or at least, not just one right answer. The quiz poses the user with different questions and two answers to each question. With each option, the user gets to choose between the lesser of 2 evils. Some questions are more controversial than others. And although the questions are crucial, the visuals chosen are extremely intentional. Depending on the answer, a visual appears on the screen, building a collage of contrasting visuals that communicates something about the questions.